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  • Henrik Olsson
  • Ola Rubin
  • Copenhagen - - Malmö


About us

Henrik Olsson and Ola Rubin are two well acknowledged Swedish improvisers active on the experimental/improv scene in Europe. Currently with a base in Copenhagen/Malmö where they are involved in several projects that frequently appears on the international scene. In this duo, they both immerse themselves in a hearty improvised musical dialogue that is full of energy and expressivity. They work their way towards the unheard by meticulously exploring mind-boggling sounds, rhythms and abstract sonic shapes, often rapidly shifting between these. Curiosity are at the core of this duos identity and their interplay is highly reactive and dynamic. They both utilizes a way of playing that takes advantage of extended techniques which they both developed on their respective instrument.


Henrik Thor Oscar Olsson is a swedish guitar player and composer, based in Copenhagen. Existing on a continuum between free improvisation and experimental music, he is curiously exploring and embracing the multifaceted nature of the electric guitar, with meticulous attention to the instruments timbral and textural subtleties. His visions as a composer is manifested through his own projects, as his latest project Hand of Benediction, which received an Honorable Mention in New York City Jazz Record 2019 and was by Vital Weekly called “a lovely madness and a very remarkable statement”, as well as his debut album Penumbra Ensemble, which was very well received among critics and referred to as "a surrealist vision, a deeply personal expression of avant-garde rock, jazz, world music and poetic soundscapes" by All About Jazz. His distinctive playing can also be heard in groups as OLSSON|RUBIN, EHM, Ytterlandet, Jeppe Zeeberg & The Absolute Pinnacle of Human Achievement, as well as different ad hoc constellations. He is also a member of Barefoot Records, an independent label and improvisers´ collective based in Copenhagen.


Ola is a trombone player based in Malmö, Sweden. Exploring new techniques and sounds on the the instrument. Currently active in many projects like Swedish/American trio 'Swedish Fix' (w. Jon Lipscomb/Anders Uddeskog) Recent collaborations with Leila Bordreuil, Zach Rowden, Brandon Lopez and Såle Liavik Solberg among others. Everyday music with bBb on the Glascow label Scatter Archive. Debut cd on Konvoj Records with Tombola Rubola. A new tribute band to Roswell Rudd and Steve Lacy 'Lazyrudemonk' (w. Martin Küchen/Dan Schyman/Anders Uddeskog) Member of Extemporize Orchestra in Copenhagen.